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The CAKE LABS Intern Diaries, Final Chapter

CAKE LABS 7 February 2017

The time has come to end our Intern Diary series. We hope it granted you a window into what being an intern at CAKE LABS is like from the perspective of the interns themselves. In this final post, the Interns share their last reflections on their whole experience and their parting words.   Amoda and

Team Relationship Building

CAKE LABS 3 February 2017

“Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships” – Michael Jordon In this Innovation Session, Kanchana Silva of the CAKE Guest Manager team speaks about team relationship building. First, let’s make a clear distinction between a team and a group. A group is a collection of individuals with a common interest, and a team is a

Agile in Real Life

CAKE LABS 30 December 2016

In this Innovation Session Rajinda Rathnapala of the Monetization team spoke about Agile, and its use in a real life context. Agile has been widely touted as a software development approach that is easy to implement, but is that really the case? The Agile process is actually more difficult than what you are lead to

Out of the Box Thinking

CAKE LABS 26 December 2016

In this Innovation Session Nirojan Selvanathan and Salinda Rathnayake of the Data, Infrastructure and Platform team spoke about Out of the Box thinking, and explored some examples of its use at CAKE LABS. Out of the Box thinking is a very commonly used term, but rarely practiced. Why do people always talk about this, but

Shanil Fernando: Empowering Your Career

CAKE LABS 19 December 2016

CAKE LABS Managing Director SL, and SVP Engineering, Shanil Fernando was a guest speaker at the recently held YouthSpark event, organized by Microsoft in partnership with Sarvodaya-Fusion. He shared his insights about trends in the tech industry and how successful companies are leveraging and spearheading this change. The event’s main objective is to provide young

The Connected Enterprise

CAKE LABS 19 December 2016

In this Innovation Session, Chaminda Bandara from the Menu Core team spoke about the Connected Enterprise. The Connected Enterprise is a concept that takes several different systems and shares the data amongst it. Google is a perfect example of getting this concept right. 1995 saw the battle of the search engines. Several players competed for the right

The CAKE LABS Toastmasters Installation

CAKE LABS 26 November 2016

The official installation of the CAKE LABS Toastmasters Club was held on the 25th of November. With an energetic executive committee to spearhead the club, and a keen bunch of CAKEsters inaugurated into the club, it proved to be a promising start. The Ceremony contained speeches from Distinguished Toastmaster Sudash Liyanage and Distinguished Toastmaster Arshad

The CAKE Test Automation Platform

CAKE LABS 26 November 2016

In this Innovation Session, Abith Latiff and Jayanath Karunarathna, Mohamed Rifad, Sameera Jayawardana and Gayan Kalanasooriya spoke about some of the problems that our CAKE QA team faced in their quest for quality. At CAKE LABS, the pass rate we expect for our releases is a staggering 95%. To this end, and to make sure all

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