The CAKE LABS Culture

Our Culture

At CAKE LABS, our entrepreneurial spirit and egalitarian culture has been a key contributor to everything we’ve achieved so far. Our teams are empowered to create their own success story, and together, we work towards reinventing the future of the food service industry.

Non-hierarchical, Open Communication, Performance Based Culture

We believe a hierarchical structure only impedes the flow of ideas and individual participation, choosing instead to foster a culture that is open and empowering. The people at CAKE LABS are celebrated for their pioneering spirit, innovativeness and the ability to take well informed risks, and are recognized for their passion and dedication towards excellence.
Great work as a result, borne out of that dedication and self-initiative, is always rewarded.

Fast Tracked Career Progression, recognition

Helping our teams achieve their personal and career goals is an important part of our culture. We offer a framework that provides accelerated career growth and an environment conducive to personal achievement and recognition.

Hall of Fame

The Engineering Hall of Fame recognizes the most outstanding pieces of engineering practice at CAKE LABS, and honors the teams and engineers whose hard work went into developing them.

From its inception, the Hall of Fame has witnessed a brilliant line-up of engineering artifacts – from innovative breakthroughs that enhance CAKE’s product offering, to solutions that resolve complex engineering issues within their respective practices.

Through the recognition of excellence in engineering, the Hall of Fame seeks to further promote the culture of innovation and enterprise within CAKE LABS.


The Apex analogy draws from the idea of the alpha predator whose prowess and power allows them to sit at the top of the food chain. At CAKE LABS, this idea forms the basis of our core ethos – to be the absolute best at what we do – and also the concept of the Apex project.

The project pays tribute to Apex achievers from fields such as tech and science by drawing elements from their life’s work to decorate our work spaces. Each team was given free rein to pick an Apex achiever of their choice and their approach to the project. The result – inspiring spaces and an incredible display of creativity and workmanship from the teams involved.